Rob Peetoom Hair & make up by bruut., Eindhoven – Netherlands

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Chris Chase hair saloon by Established, New York

Art nouveau references were combined with starkly modern materials and spatial design to bring the glamour of another era into a new concept. Designed by Established.  По материалам сайта

Granny F. Salon by Hiroyuki Miyake, Aichi – Japan

A beauty salon in Aichi, Japan, is its designer’s idea of an ‘alternative nostalgia.’ Hiroyuki Miyake says the project involved renovating an existing uninhabited building. While he had never been to the space before, he immediately felt a sense of nostalgia upon entering the first time. A patterned brick exterior works to reflect this idea, incorporating elements of traditional British masonry. ‘The exterior wall expresses a coexistence of tradition and modernity between the gradation brick pattern and their rich gloss finish,’ Miyake says. По материалам сайта

Aveda Lifestyle salon by Reis Design, Sydney

Reis Design worked with established Sydney based salon brand Tribe in the development of this Aveda Lifestyle salon within David Jones department store. The department store concession location provided a unique set of challenges for the designers. Clever use of the limited available space was needed to incorporate premium salon facilities and an Aveda retail concession within the footprint. The design employs a sustainable array of materials and low energy lighting to create a low impact, sensual, salon experience within David Jones Department store. По материалам сайта

Chalacol Rama IX hair salon by NKDW Studio, Bangkok

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