HAIR STUDIOS! Charlie Salon by SJB Australia, Melbourne

The building was originally a 1920s public hotel with the original public bar becoming a hairdressing salon. The existing space provides grand 4.2 meter ceilings, large steel framed doors to both corner elevations, located on the majestic St Kilda Road Boulevard. The brief consisted of a hairdressing and beauty salon to include 10 hair stations, 3 wash basins, a front desk and a retail and luxurious waiting area supported by staff facilities to the rear.  По материалам сайта

Jorge Silva Hair Salon and Spa by AAMD, Guimarães – Portugal

This was a project for a hair salon and spa located in the city center of Guimarães, Portugal, European Culture Capital 2012. The concept is based on a similar language that unifies the whole space. The roughness of the concrete involves floor, walls and ceilings and it contrasts with the elegance of the hair care program.  По материалам сайта

Propaganda Hair Salon by Dick Clark Architecture

Propaganda Hair Group rethinks salon in terms of functionality and aesthetic. To compliment his brand, the client envisioned a loft-like environment with an open plan, minimal furnishings, and wood and concrete textures. The overall design, using the warmth of wood and the industrial feel of concrete, focuses on ways to differentiate program within a single space while still offering an open atmosphere. Careful attention was given to day-to-day operations of the salon so that design details could complement function and eliminate the supplemental furnishings that tend to clutter salons.  По материалам сайта

Салон и Шоурум The Beblond Store в Штутгарте

The Beblond Store в Штутгарте по материалам сайта

Modern ESPA Spa Interior Design

Modern ESPA Spa Interior Design по материалам сайта

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