The design concept was to create a unique French style salon using grey stained floorboards and joinery with monochromatic French grey colours to ceiling and walls. Residential style upholsteries were used on period style furnishings including the Louis style sofa upholstered in ultramarine coloured wool and contemporary black pony hide arm chairs.

Separating the waiting space from the wash basin area, a period conservatory style trellis was interpreted in white lacquer. The retail and reception area has a contemporary style desk and shelving, also in white lacquer, using classic white Carrara marble as bench surfaces. Lighting was paid special attention using several different approaches using adjustable track spot lights, concealed LED, low voltage up-lighting to recesses and feature pendant lights. Further decoration was imbued with art work including collectable Helmut Newton prints, young Australian art work and sculptures and eclectic collections of taxidermy and cactus planting. Designed by SJB Australia

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